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Unite, Sisters of Cherniv, It’s Revenge Time

Hello! We are currently working very hard on developing “Her War,” an all-female FPS & survival strategy game. We would like to share some super exciting features of the game with you:

Ultra-realistic team surviving system

After escaping from the horrific terrorist camp, our hero is destined to retake her homeland with the help of fellow female soldiers. As a true leader, you will need to take care of yourself and your troop when facing great threats of injuries, hunger, fatigue, illness. Keep the team warm and healthy is the key to survive and win the war. Dynamic time and weather settings will give you different challenges during different time of the year.

Sophisticated construction system for your base

Your legendary story begins in a dark and obsolete shelter. Find all the resource through scavenge and battle to upgrade the base into a warm home and a military fortress. Rich choices of materials for structure, fortification, furniture and decoration can be obtained through scavenge and battle. Build a workshop to produce weapons, ammo, medicines and even cigarettes!

Scavenge your resource, or fight enemies for it.

As your troop growing bigger and stronger, you will need more life-essential resource. There are no supermarkets in this hostile world. Defeat enemy force to take their supplies, or scavenge anything useful from the wild.

Recruit, unite, fight.

Realizing you don’t have super power, you will search for other victims who suffer greatly from terrorist regime, and recruit them for your resistance troop. At the beginning, you need to keep them safe and healthy. Then, train them to fight and work for each other.

Vivid battlefields and brutal shooting? Check.

Wage war on different terrains, and design your strategies accordingly. Make sure to avoid unnecessary enemy contact, and collect supplies during a battle.

Each weapon has its unique recoil and trajectory. Damage is close to reality. One bullet can waste your enemy’s life. But they know they can use this against you too, if you are not cautious or well-armored.

Stay sharp, defend your base.

The terrorists WILL raid your base ruthlessly. So fortify it with everything you have, as fast as you can. Protect the last lifeline of your people till the last breath.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on the development of “Her War.” Follow us on social media, share, comment. Let us now how you feel about the update!

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