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Development Progress of Beauty and Violence: Valkyries

Hi everyone,

As we mentioned in previous articles, we do really want to improve the game before release as much as possible. That’s why we went through many changes that increased the development time a lot.

In this video we want to show you a part of our development progress, in particular renewed character rendering, improved combat system including AI, animation, sound, feedback and overall combat experience. We also made completely new clothes with much better quality, new weapons and other items.

Except that, we have created many other new systems that we will show you in next videos and articles.

At the moment, due to the all changes it’s a bit difficult to announce the next release date. But we are aiming to make everything done before the end of this year.

We do hope for your understanding and appreciate your support a lot , as we all have the same goal - to have a great game experience. Looking forward to hear your opinions, see you soon. WISHLIST the game!


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