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Player's progression, combat and adult content

Greetings, Punishers!

With the last update we overhauled the game’s combat system, improved balance, added new features and fixed many bugs.

And with this, we would like to introduce to you our next development milestone:

Player's Progression:

We are planning to implement player progression through the home system. The player can gain special abilities and stats growth by constructing different home objects/furniture. For example, by building a magical pool, the player can get access to the magic tree and learn different schools of magic. By building blood succubus statues, the player can get a health boost of 20%. This way, we can make the home building both visually attractive and functional. Other forms of Player Progression are still under discussion and it will be revealed later.

Keep Improving The Combat System:

To further improve the combat system requires us to spend more time on details such as animation, timing, hit reactions, sound effects. As well as some more fundamental designs such as totally unique weapon handling for each type of weapon and more distinct enemy formations., etc. For the next milestone, we will focus on improving weapon handling and distinguish enemies more. Each group of enemies you meet will turn out to be a unique puzzle to solve and you will need to figure out the best solution for these puzzles. And each type of weapon will get its obvious advantage and disadvantage, for example, two-handed swords are slow but can cut through multiple enemies in a row, while daggers are fast but much less powerful.

More Attractive Succubus:

We will add more face shapes, skin types, hairstyles, wings, and more options to increase possibilities in character customization.

Adult Only Content:

We are planning to add some adult-only content though free DLCs. Such as full nudity, breast physics, and revealing outfits. We will keep extending the game on this category and explore what is possible. We will elaborate on that in future announcements.

Extended Castle:

We are extending the Player’s Home (The Underground Palace) from a single throne room to many different functional rooms such as the bathroom, trophy room, the torture room, etc. To leave space for more interesting interactions that are coming in the near future.

Check out our improvements for combat system:

The ETA for this major update will be one month and we will try our best to stick to the schedule. Meanwhile, bug fixes and smaller improvements will be released in a much faster manner.

We would love to know your thoughts on this milestone, so let us know what will you be waiting for the most!

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